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I started Curvynfitcali as my personal vision board of beautiful curvy women as a way to boost my confidence in my pear shape. It has been well received so I decided to open this blog up to submissions!


Bought some new dresses (and a shirt)! Gosh I love outlet malls

I feel like my style is like post-apocalyptic girl discovers 50’s fashion


Salutations crypt kiddies.

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Add me to see progress and personal posts guys! It is a lot easier for me to focus on one medium of social media and not three, so for that reason I am taking a break from Tumblr. 

I have also started waist training… which I love! Add me to see my waist training progress also. 


18. Loving my curves!


Lorraine Pompey

'Love yourself first or nobody will”

IG: @foreve_lo


Tumblr: therainydayy

Thank you!


Another shot by Holly Haines. This top is from Kiidiosa Love her <3

My name is Peach… like the color. I sing ‘n stuff.

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new blog post on Picture Posy♡

blouse & skirt are from oasap, shoes are f21, everything else is all natural bb ~ (also why aren’t you following me on instagram)


If anyone ever tells you that you’re too fat for high waisted jeans, eat them, but make sure to touch up your lipstick after! 💋